artist + creator


My work is a statement of purpose and self at a particular point in my life. It is how I explore my personal experiences, as well as issues of the self and the human condition. It is through imagery that involves animals, insects, and domestic objects that I attempt to discover larger truths about myself. I aim to use my work to explore the relationships between those objects that become collected, and those who collect them, as well as the idea of the persona as a composite of family circumstances, and experiences.

I have a strong interest in translating personal imagery into a relatable experience for a universal audience. I look to provide reasoning for the corporeal and to justify what may or may not be coincidental or even evolutionary. I want to use physical, visceral and delicate qualities to explore and secure the identity of my family, and myself and, help those who view my art to do the same. With my art, I am attempting to come to terms with myself, my identity, and my perception of existence.